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Forex is one of the cornerstones of the financial market.

Forex CFD Trading

CFD’s are traded contracts that base their value according to a specific asset performance. When trading CFD’s (buy/sell) the client doesn't own the stock, bond or currency, but rather trades a contract that is based on the traded contract. This means that you can sell a stock or any other asset without owning it. Without CFD’s the trader is unable to sell assets that he didn't buy first.

How Does it work?

Whether the position is long or short, the trade is being settled by the difference of the price action between the time that the trade was opened to the time that it was closed.
The amount of leverage will determine how much based currency (USD, EUR, etc.) you will get for every pip (point in percentage) that you have gained or loss by the end of the trade. Profits and Loss (P&L) will only be taken into account when the trade is concluded, not while it is undergoing.
A trader can decide if he wants to gain 1$ on every pip or to get 100$ allooffer. CFD’s leverage works like a double-edged sword, so always make sure to think on the downside.


TRADEORO grants his clients to trade CFD’s via MetaTrader4, with an easy and practical way to manage the trading portfolio.
Another advantage of CFD’s share trading is that, by holding a CFD, you are eligible for many of the benefits that you would receive if you held the shares outright through a traditional means of trading. This includes being able to get a dividend adjustment from CFDs.

Why CFD’s?

• Instant access to the U.S, Asian and European markets.
• Up to 1:400 Leverage
• Low cost commissions
• Sell any asset even if you do not own it
• Availability to trade on margin which will help you enhance your trading capital
• Lack of taxes and hidden commissions which results in cost reduction Trading Conditions: Forex

The most liquid market in the world
Over 55 currency pairs
24 hours a day, 5 days a week
1:400 leverage available
Tight spreads, no commissions
Leverage is adjusted according to the Company's Leverage Policy T&Cs apply for adjustable leverage