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Forex is one of the cornerstones of the financial market.

Commodities in trading

Commodities such as gold, silver, corn, coffee, wheat and oil are available to trade on the TRADEORO platform.
Commodities are very different from any other traded assets, since they do not produce any other additional value beside the change in the price action. Stocks will pay dividends, bonds produce a fixed amount of cash each month and FX have an interest rate attached to it (SWAP).
For many traders, commodities are the best and only asset class to trade, since their asset value is mostly driven due to supply and demand.

Commodities according to sectors:

Agricultural based Commodities- Wheat, corn, sugar and coffee are agricultural commodities that are traditionally affected by weather and climate change but are also affected by politics (sanctions, export ban, etc).
Precious Metal based commodities- Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Gold however has a special role in the capital market, since it factions as a safe haven when political turmoil is underway.
Energy based commodities- natural gas, Brent oil, and crude oil are commodities that are mostly affected by OPEC, however recently the US market has established its foothold on the energy market as well with a booming industry of shale drilling. Trading Conditions: Forex

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