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How to Withdrawal funds from your TRADEORO account

You are required to do the following steps in order to withdraw your funds:


We require some documents to ensure that your investments are secure, and that they are not confiscated by anyone.
These documents should be submitted immediately after you open your TRADEORO account.


You may use your identity card, driver's license or passport. The important thing is to keep all the necessary details in one place: name, date of birth, place, nationality, photograph and your signature.

Proof of residence

As proof of residence, you may submit an invoice such as: telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill, or a bank statement.
The documents should not to be older than 6 months.
Any proof of residence that you may choose to submit, must have your name and address information included on it.

Credit Card or Bank Card copy

If you choose to deposit funds via a credit card or a bank card (ATM card), you must supply us with a copy (picture) of the used card.
You are required to send a picture of both sides of the card (photo or scan).
We recommend that you take the following precautions on behalf of your personal information security while submitting the card information to TRADEORO:

1) If your name is on the face of the card, hide the first 12 characters of the card numbers and leave the last 4 digits open.
2) If you do not have your name on the front of the card, keep the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits open and hide the intervening ones.
3) Hide the CVV code in all cases.

Uploading Documents

To do this, select the "Profile" tab and click on " Upload Document " as shown below and upload the documents.


After your documents are approved, you may withdraw your funds.

Methods of withdrawal

The withdrawal methods are the same as the funding methods. Once your withdrawal request is confirmed, you will be deducted a 20$ (USD) fee from your trading account.
Credit card depositors are excused from paying any fees while making the withdrawal. The withdrawal fee is fixed and does not change according to the amount that you wish to withdraw.

Credit Card Repayment

After submitting a withdrawal request we will transfer the funds to your credit card. The withdrawal may take 3 to 10 business days, depending on the bank you are working with. Please notice that we can only refund to the limit of your credit card deposit. After your credit card has been fully refunded, we will send the funds via wire.

Withdrawal Request

To withdraw money from your TRADEORO account, please click on the "Funds" tab button, and scroll down and chose the withdrawal option.



Confirmation of your withdrawal request

If you submitted all the necessary documents, then your withdrawal request will be approved on the same day.
Once your request has been submitted and approved, you only need to wait to funds (3-10 business days, depending on your bank).
Also, the client is requested to send to TRADEORO the initial withdrawal request. Trading Conditions: Forex

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