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Thanksgiving Day 2019

Please note that in observance of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day in USA, trading hours of various instruments will be affected on 28/11/19 - 29/11/19.
Please make sure that you are aware of the changes and closures so that they do not affect your trading.


Instrument 28.11.19 Thursday 29.11.19 Friday
OIL 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
NGAS 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
BRENT 03:00-20:30 (early close) 03:00-21:00 (early close)
GOLD 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
SILVER 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
PLATINUM 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
COPPER 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:45 (early close)
US30 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:15 (early close)
NAS100 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:15 (early close)
US500 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:15 (early close)
JPN225 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:15 (early close)
US2000 01:00-20:00 (early close) 01:00-20:15 (early close)
USDX 03:00-20:00 (early close) 03:00-20:15 (early close)
COFFEE Closed Regular
SUGAR Closed Regular
US Stocks Closed 16:30-20:00 (early close)


Visit our Holidays page to be fully updated with all changes- Trading info.


The above schedule may be subject to change.
All other financial instruments will not be affected by the holiday, however, there may be times of low liquidity and wider spreads during the holiday. TRADEORO reserves the right to enable “Close Only” or even disable trading on instruments with low liquidity without prior notice, if deemed necessary. Trading Conditions: Forex

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